Retribuye is a Mexican recruitment and staffing company established in 2003, responding to the ethical requirements for the hiring of personnel, guaranteeing full compliance with all legal, fiscal and labor obligations.

We help support your company to be in compliance with legal and labor obligations having personnel under your charge.


    • Eighteen years of experience managing  personnel in different sectors of the industry.
    • Flexibility to offer the services your company needs.
    • Personalized attention to each of our clients and employees.
    • Eliminates the costs of errors ( fines from IMSS and INFONAVIT.)
    •  Reduce costs for the department of Human Resources.
    • Reduce costs in audits.
    • Reduce the risk of labor demands.
    • Tax deductible.


Payroll administration

We manage all the necessary paperwork for the hiring of personnel
     in your Company.
We handle registration procedures for IMSS, INFONAVIT, SAR and ISN.
We also register vacations, incapacities and all incidences of your
     employees, so you can pay without mistakes.
Payroll elaboration and Banks layout.

Recruitment and selection


We will find the workforce your company needs!

We search the candidate that perfectly fits your vacant, with the appropriate profile for your needs and the working enviroment of your company.


Consulting for HR

→ Mission institution, vision and objectives of your company.
→ Development of business policies.
→ Training strong leadership teams, mínimum wages laws, business risk management, etc.
→ Development of incentive plan for employees.
→ Support in the elaboration of the organization chart of your company.


→ We help your company in locating the facility for your offices, virtual offices as well as automobile and transportation for your employees.
→We assist you in the purchasing of necessary equipment, hardware, software, and recruit, train and employ people for your business.
→ We also assist your business in all of your traveling needs; flights, hotel, car rental, payment of expenses, etc.